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Chapter 2 Test Review Essays

Part 2 Test Review Essays Part 2 Test Review Paper Part 2 Test Review Paper Exposition Topic: Writing Valid Periodicals and the novel turned out to be increasingly famous as the more remarkable working class started to peruse. T/F Valid Milton was detained in view of his past situation in the Commonwealth. T/F f The Puritans felt that the Anglican Church had adequately improved. t/f f James I was reestablished to the seat in 1660. t/f f At the point when open land was encased for private homes, the majority of the country poor were permitted to remain. t/f f Oliver Goldsmith composed a memoir of Samuel Johnson. t/f' Valid In The Deserted Village, Goldsmith applauds the nostalgic town evangelist. f Oliver Goldsmith accepted that one can never be excessively rich. f Samuel Johnson composed periodical expositions in just a single paper. wistful tone in The Deserted Village Tory Quick, Johnson, and Goldsmiths ideological group parody mocking something so as to address conduct work a sonnet with fourteen lines, either Italian or English purposeful anecdote a story where things speak to parts of a tenet or topic gallant couplet comprises of two rhyming lines of refrain with five versifying feet incongruity giving the presence of saying a certain something while at the same time meaning something different similar sounding word usage redundancy of beginning consonants a solid white collar class What one outcome did the Commonwealth and the Industrial Revolution produce? the Tory government,the cheapening of Irish coins, the starvation in Ireland Quick composed for these causes.. the regular man, to instruct and satisfy him Samuel Johnson accepted that writing should bid for the most part to A Dictionary of the English Language, he Lives of the English Poets, Rasselas Samuel Johnson published Oliver Goldsmith was a monetarily poor periodical writer, author, and producer Goldsmith composed a novel entitled The Vicar of Wakefield, about a parsons family.

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What is Katniss's greatest character flaw Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

What is Katniss' most noteworthy character defect - Essay Example The principle character of the book is Katniss Everdeen, Living an existence of wretchedness under the feet of the legislative hall Katniss and her family is denied of each and every delight of life by the harsh guideline of the administration who at that point ventures forward to change the framework as it is presently and reestablish joy and nobility of the poor in the general public. Katniss has been depicted as a wise, autonomous, and brave multi year old young lady in the book. In any case, there is another side to Katniss which somewhat imperfections her character and contorts her picture depicted in the whole book. Presumably the character of Katniss is intriguing and the best part is the association it flashes with the perusers. In any case, it is marginally imperfect as she needs one of the significant trademark that is profound quality in her character. The facts demonstrate that she confronted incalculable difficulties and hardships throughout her life which accordingly made her into a more grounded individual, yet at the same time it isn't supported for her to be concerned uniquely about her own objectives by placing others life at serious risk. By looking at the book one can separate out that Katniss was a young lady who was profoundly connected to just 1 or 2 individuals throughout her life. She was sincerely shut to other people; subsequently the entirety of her feelings were focused on those two most notable individuals throughout her life. She thinks just about her thought processes notwithstanding the way that not at all like her not every person was playing the game with a similar r ationale and had an aim of winning just yet there were a few different reasons also. She plainly needed good grounds and her activities were not advocated. It would be a disrespect to the word saint in the event that somebody says that she had the components and characteristics of a legend. Despite the fact that, her initial life was spoiled with agonies and abuse which made her be the individual she has become now however her activities are as yet not supported. She can be called as an individual who battled to spare her

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How to Build a College List a Checklist TKG

How to Build a College List a Checklist Building your college list can be an overwhelming and somewhat daunting task. When we construct our college lists with our students, we make sure that the list is balanced in terms of the likelihood of application review (sorry if this is “way harsh, Tai,” but applying to Yale on a whim with a 26 ACT score “just because,” is probably a waste of time and money), but consistent in terms of fit. What do we mean when we say “fit?” We mean that we want you applying to schools that are all of the following: cultural, academic, and social fit. Here’s a checklist to methodically take you through how to make sure that your college list is built-out correctly. Visit as many schools as possible.Why? Because data. The more schools you visit, the more we know about what you like and what you don’t like. And you can find schools that are similar to those schools. Particularly reach schools. We’ve published lists of schools that are similar to each and every Ivy League school (and some others). We know it’s not hard to fall in love with any of the Ivies, so consider taking a look at these lists when you’re building out the rest of your list so you have a similar “vibe” across schools.Write everything down.Creating a spreadsheet or taking notes in a journal will help you keep your thoughts organized and, more importantly, easy to reflect back on. It’s hard to remember your exact thoughts about Haverford when you’re editing your college list down in August before your senior year when you visited over winter break of junior year. Being able to flip back to your Haverford page or “Notes/Thoughts” cell on your spreadsheet helps. Start long and plan to eliminate.It’s always easier to edit down that it is to add on. So start with a broad list of schools you’d be excited about. Really ask yourself if this school is one that you’d attend if it was the only school you got into. Do this with each school on the list. If the answer is that you’d rather take a year off and reapply than to attend, it’s time to find a replacement school where you’d actually be happy. Okay, now that you have between 15-20 schools, let’s start to edit down, first by putting things into your categories: Reach, Target, and Safety. One great way by which to categorize schools is to log onto their websites and figure out their median ACT or SAT scores. Why is this more useful than averages? Because averages are easily skewed. Medians tell you the central 50% range of test scores of their admitted applicants. If your test scores are smack dab in the middle of their median, it’s a Target school. If your scores are near the upward limit or above, it’s likely a Safety, and if you’re not in range or on the much lower end of their median, then it’s a Reach. Check your list for exceptions this categorization process. There are some schools that NO. MATTER. WHAT. are going to be a reach. These are schools that get the highest # of applicatio ns each year and even if you got a 36 on your ACT are going to be a reach because of sheer #s and odds. The odds are not on your side, and the following schools are always (yes, always, always, always) going to be in the “reach” category. Even if you’ve discovered a probiotic-fed microbe that safely eats only cancer cells and infuses healthy cells with endorphins AND you’re a first-generation college student, it’s a reach:HarvardStanfordYaleBrownCornellColumbiaDartmouthPennMITPrincetonDuke GeorgetownPomonaUC Berkeley USCJohns HopkinsTufts NorthwesternSee where you need more, and where you need to edit. You should aim to have 3-4 schools in each category. Balance is the key here. Cross of schools that don’t pass the “Would I go here if this was the only school I got into?” test, and take note of where your list is insufficient (oftentimes this occurs in the Target and Safety categories). Build out your sparser categories. You can do this a few different ways:Expand your horizons by looking at our website of many lists for various majors. We have a list of schools all over the country that are great for everything from computer science, psychology, dance, and Africana studies, to classics and government/political science.Visit a couple more schools that you may have discounted, or at least take a virtual tour on the website. Finding a school where you’re able to study what you love and be inspired should not be discounted. It might not be at a school you had ever imagined you’d apply to, but you might be surprised by what you find once you spend an hour doing some dedicated web-research. Talk to your community! Friends and family (perhaps who are in colleges you weren’t considering), parents, or other important mentors might have some good ideas for you. Don’t overlook the wisdom of people who know you well and who might be able to share their experiences, guidance, or suggestions. Help is good. Refine your list as you go on! Again, you want 8-12 schools, 3-4 in each category.Your list is never unchangeable. It’s your list. You can alter it as you go along. What you don’t want is to apply to too few schools (risky!) or to too many (exhausting! Diminishing ROI when you’re writing your 23rd supplement and misspell something and forget to replace “UChicago” with “Bowdoin” and hit submit and feel really dumb). As you know, we do this for a living, so, if you need help just email or call us and we’d be happy to offer our guidance through this process.

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The Role of T Cells in the Body

T cells are a type of white blood cell known as a lymphocyte. Lymphocytes protect the body against cancerous cells and cells that have become infected by pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses. T cell lymphocytes develop from stem cells in bone marrow. These immature T cells migrate to the thymus via the blood. The thymus is a lymphatic system gland that functions mainly to promote the development of mature T cells. In fact, the T in T cell lymphocyte stands for thymus derived. T cell lymphocytes are necessary for cell mediated immunity, which is an immune response that involves the activation of immune cells to fight infection. T cells function to actively destroy infected cells, as well as to signal other immune cells to participate in the immune response. Key Takeaways: T Cells T cells are lymphocyte immune cells that protect the body from pathogens and cancer cells.T cells originate from bone marrow and mature in the thymus. They are important for cell mediated immunity and the activation of immune cells to fight infection.Cytotoxic T cells actively destroy infected cells through the use of granule sacs that contain digestive enzymes.Helper T cells activate cytotoxic T cells, macrophages, and stimulate antibody production by B cell lymphocytes.Regulatory T cells suppress the actions of B and T cells to decrease the immune response when a highly active response is no longer warranted.Natural Killer T cells distinguish infected or cancerous cells from normal body cells and attack cells that do not contain molecular markers that identify them as body cells. Memory T cells protect against previously encountered antigens and may provide lifetime protection against some pathogens. T Cell Types T cells are one of three main types of lymphocytes. The other types include B cells and natural killer cells. T cell lymphocytes are different from B cells and natural killer cells in that they have a protein called a T-cell receptor that populates their cell membrane. T-cell receptors are capable of recognizing various types of specific antigens (substances that provoke an immune response). Unlike B cells, T cells do not utilize antibodies to fight germs. This is a colored scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of resting T lymphocytes from a human blood sample. Steve Gschmeissner / Science Photo Library / Getty Images There are several types of T cell lymphocytes, each with specific functions in the immune system. Common T cell types include: Cytotoxic T cells (also called CD8 T cells)  - are involved in the direct destruction of cells that have become cancerous or are infected by a pathogen. Cytotoxic T cells contain granules (sacs containing digestive enzymes or other chemical substances) that they utilize to cause the target cell to burst open in a process called apoptosis. These T cells are also the cause of transplant organ rejection. The T cells attack the foreign organ tissue as the transplant organ is identified as infected tissue.Helper T cells  (also called CD4 T cells)  - precipitate the production of antibodies by B cells and also produce substances that activate cytotoxic T cells and white blood cells known as macrophages. CD4 cells are targeted by HIV. HIV infects helper T cells and destroys them by triggering signals that result in T cell death.Regulatory T cells  (also called suppressor T cells) - suppress the response of B cells and other T cells to antigens. This suppression is needed so that an immune response does not continue once it is no longer needed. Defects in regulatory T cells can lead to the development of an autoimmune disease. In this type of disease, immune cells attack the bodys own tissue.Natural Killer T (NKT) cells - have a similar name as a different type of lymphocyte called a natural killer cell. NKT cells are T cells and not natural killer cells. NKT cells have properties of both T cells and natural killer cells. Like all T cells, NKT cells have T-cell receptors. However, NKT cells also share several surface cell markers in common with natural killer cells. As such, NKT cells distinguish infected or cancerous cells from normal body cells and attack cells that do not contain molecular markers that identify them as body cells. One type of NKT cell known as an invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cell, protects the body against obesity by regulating inflammation in adipose tissue.Memory T cells  - help the immune system to recognize previously encountered antigens and respond to them more quickly and for a longer period of time. Helper T cells and cytotoxic T cells can become memory T cells. Memory T cells are stored in the lymph nodes and spleen and may provide lifetime protection against a specific antigen in some cases. T Cell Activation T-cells regulate immune responses, release the perforin and granzymes, and attack infected or cancerous cells. ttsz / iStock / Getty Images Plus T cells are activated by signals from antigens they encounter. Antigen-presenting white blood cells, such as macrophages, engulf and digest antigens. Antigen-presenting cells capture molecular information about the antigen and attach it to a major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II molecule. The MHC molecule is then transported to the cell membrane and presented on the surface of the antigen-presenting cell. Any T cell that recognizes the specific antigen will bind to the antigen-presenting cell via its T-cell receptor. Once the T-cell receptor binds to the MHC molecule, the antigen-presenting cell secretes cell signaling proteins called cytokines. Cytokines signal the T cell to destroy the specific antigen, thus activating the T cell. The activated T cell multiplies and differentiates into helper T cells. Helper T cells initiate the production of cytotoxic T cells, B cells, macrophages, and other immune cells to terminate the antigen.

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Object Relational Mapping Tool For Java - 1805 Words

Abstract Object Relational mapping tool (ORM) is the tool to simplify the creation of data access layers, automate data access, or generate data access code. Hibernate is one the best ORM tools that are being used for developing various applications. It can also be used to develop Standalone applications. It enables Developers to write applications easily whose data outlives the application process. It is popular open source object relational mapping tool providing powerful, ultra-high performance object/relational persistence and query service for Java. Hibernate lets you develop persistent classes following common Java idiom - including association, inheritance, polymorphism, composition and the Java collections framework also allows you to express queries using native SQL or Java-based Criteria and Example queries. It is the most popular object/relational mapping solution used for Java. Table of Contents Abstract 1 1. Objective Introduction 2 2. What is Hibernate? 2 Features 3 3. Architecture 4 4. Hibernate v/s Java 7 Disadvantages of JDBC 7 Advantages of Hibernate 7 Disadvantages of Hibernate 7 Alternate Technologies 8 5. Business Values and Roadmap 8 Business Value of Hibernate 8 Roadmap / Future Developments 8 6. References 9 1. Objective Introduction ORM or O/R Mapping is a computer science programming technique for converting data between incompatible type systems in object-oriented programming languages. Example: Suppose you have an EmployeeShow MoreRelatedConcept Of Hibernate Objectrelationalmapping ( Orm ) Tool And How Hibernate1473 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract This paper explains the concept of Hibernate ObjectRelationalMapping(ORM) tool and how hibernate can be used to simplify the development of Java/J2EE application to interact with the database. The purpose of any ObjectRelationalMapping tool is to simplify the data creation, data manipulation and data access for an object in accordance with the relational database. Several ORM tools were introduced in the market over years and one of the most extensively used in the today’s market is HibernateRead MoreThe Locality Guide System Website Essay2019 Words   |  9 PagesOur main object is to make Shop Online and Search available Shops Local area. ïÆ'Ëœ So, They can more selling and marketing. Any user can Buy a Product on Click and Search his/her area Shops on Click. 1.3 SCOPE The Website is useful for Local Area Guide. This Website provides facility for to store the shops record so that available Items can see that any time. The Website will be very easy to use even for the Customer who is novice user to computer. 1.4 TECHNOLOGY AND LITERATURE REVIEW ïÆ'Ëœ JAVA ïÆ'Ëœ HIBERNATERead MoreUndertaking Of Originality Of Work1226 Words   |  5 PagesDesign Methodology 07 1.4 Material / Tools required 09 2. Empathy Canvas 10 3. Ideation Canvas 12 4. Product Development Canvas 13 5. AEIOU Summary Canvas 15 6. Diagrams 20 7. References 19 1. Introduction 1.1 Problem Summary: The Idea of Designing and Implementation of ETL software project is born with the major difficulties most of the companies face while they have to load day to day files in the database. The tools that are available in the market are very costlyRead MoreDatabase And Knowledge Base Management System1364 Words   |  6 Pagesusing an Object Database Management System (ODBMS) as opposed to the older a less flexible Relational Based Data Management Systems. Overview of Object Oriented Database Management Systems The 1990s saw the emergence of ODBMS as the dominant data modeling application software. It began in the 1960s and continued during the 1980s as technologists were searching for a more flexible and capable way of dealing with data that fundamentally changed the way applications were being designed. Object technologyRead MoreTaking a Look at Enterprise Architect UML Tool1252 Words   |  5 PagesQuiz 2: Tool Template 1. Full title or Brief Description: Enterprise Architect is a UML tool developed by SparxSystems. It is visual and powerful UML design tool. It is integrated environment with additional functionalities to user. 2. Technical Specification and Platform Requirements: Enterprise Architect runs on Windows platform without any extra software requirement. Extra software is needed to run Enterprise Architect on Linux operating system. Windows operating system: 1.Read MoreThe Object Oriented Database Model1990 Words   |  8 Pages History of Object Oriented Databases Miral Patel IST 7000: Data Management Wilmington University Frank Richey Date: 11-27-2016 Introduction The Object oriented databases models have been around since the seventies when the concept of object oriented programming was first explored. It has not caught on for any major publicly traded organization. It is since the last ten to fifteen companies are utilizing object oriented So companies preferred to stick with the applications theyRead MoreA Detailed Look Into The System Implementation1640 Words   |  7 PagesChapter 2: Literature Review 2.1 Introduction The following is a detailed look into the system implementation, methodologies, tools used, test-plan and feasibility study of the proposed system. 2.2 Definition of Terms Throughout this document various technical terms have been used as initials to specific technologies or professional and government bodies and also to describe procedures. Below are the terms and their descriptions: LR. NO Land reference number. LIMS Land information systemRead MoreCase Study : Hospital Device Management1428 Words   |  6 Pageswhere someone can reach him on below details. PHONE: (972)†515†6066 E-MAIL: ADDRESS: 1300 West Walnut Hill Lane #245 Irving Project Name: Hospital Device Management Role: Java Developer Description of the Project: Objective: As I have already mentioned before the main objective of this project is to allocate tracking, monitoring and reporting of all network-enabled hospital devices like Glucometers, X-ray equipment, CardiacRead MorePerformance Through Pushdown Processing in Informatica 8.64316 Words   |  18 PagesIntegration Architect, Ace Hardware Hand-coding has been replaced, in many instances, by data integration software that performs the access, discovery, integration, and delivery of data using an â€Å"engine† or â€Å"data integration server† and visual tools to map and execute the desired process. Driven by accelerated productivity gains and ever-increasing performance, â€Å"state of the art† data integration platforms, such as Informatica ® PowerCenter ®, handle the vast majority of today’s scenarios quiteRead MoreTypes Of Sap Hana Models10171 Words   |  41 Pagesand search queries over HTTP. Several web-based tools included with SAP HANA are also running on XS, for example for development, system administration, and life cycle management. The name server owns the information about the topology of a SAP HANA system. In a distributed system, the name server knows where the components are running and which data is located on which server. The SAP HANA studio is both development environment and administration tool. Administrators can use the SAP HANA studio for

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The Great Depression Hit America - 1614 Words

In the 1930s, The Great Depression hit America forcing many workers to move from state to state to get a job. They were striving for the American Dream that it was popular in that period of time, but it figured out to be a disappointed, which suggests that freedom and security cannot be found in this world. Correspondingly, it was a hierarchical society and status was mostly dependent on gender and race. Hence, women’s roles were inferior to the men’s because they couldn’t help financially, and they were merely seen as possessions to adorn them. The novella is a microcosm of the society. It has all the characters of each stage of the social ladder. At the bottom end there’s the character Crooks who’s discriminated because of his colour. Next there are the women, for instance Curley’s wife, who’s name is not even mentioned in the book, she’s referred as a possession, in this case to her husband. As a woman she has no value in the society and therefore she is not allowed to pursue her dreams. People are also wrongly judged by what they could offer economically to society, such as Candy who is treated inadequately because he’s elderly and Lennie who is simple minded and behaves childishly, that mostly depends on George, who gets him out of trouble. George being a loyal and closest friend and by keeping his promise to Aunt Clara patiently takes care of him. As can be expected the boss’s son who is a white is the only one ‘worthy’ to be in command. These separations makeShow MoreRelatedThe Great Depression 1051 Words   |  5 Pagesother periods of depression, it has always been possible to see some things which were solid and upon which were solid and upon which you could base hope, but as I look about, I now see nothing to give ground to hope- nothing of man† and to some extent it was true. Americans lost all hope in life entering a deep dark tunnel with no light in the end. The Great Depression was not something that appeared out of thin air; it grew over time like a tumor and eventually plagued America with an excessiveRead MoreAnalysis On Historical Period Of Song Essay1523 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction: October 29, 1929, also known as Black Tuesday, the day America economic status strengths change for the worse. October 29, 1929 was declared Black Tuesday, as it was the day the stock market crashed. The day America lost billions of dollars, $14 billion to be exact and by the end of 1932, $74 billion of wealth simply vanished (liberty, equality, power pg. 672). As a result, unemployment rate increased as never before, 25 percent to be exact, according to US Statistic of Labor-andRead MoreThe Shady Shift After World War I1166 Words   |  5 PagesWar I America s economy was booming. People everywhere were making money and spending it on electronics, movies, cars, music, and late night parties. This was the time when no one had a care in the world and just enjoyed the luxury life style. But while everyone enjoyed the new amenities and frivolous spending, no one knew what was going on with the banks. Most people were extremely overjoyed with all the money coming in, it hadn’t o ccurred to them what problems were happening. The Great DepressionRead MoreThe Stock Market Crash Began the Great Depression1202 Words   |  5 Pagesleaving millions without work. The Stock Market’s Crash began the Great Depression and America would reap havoc for many years. The stock market is a great way to buy part of a company gain or loose money depending on how the company is making money buy buying a share. â€Å"The stock market is owning a small piece of the company; the stock market is owning a piece of a business† (Christie 5). Therefore, investing in the stocks is a great idea when prices are high. Furthermore, it is a hard job toRead MoreHow the Stock Market Crash of 1929 Affected Central America669 Words   |  3 Pages The stock market crash of 1929 affected the countries in Central America and all over Latin America which followed the Great Depression. Before this all happened, the United States had major ties, like exportation, to Central America and most notably Mexico; so when America crashed, they all crashed. The underdevelopment of Latin America was never clearer. It was the time between the middle of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century when the fertile low lands were being exploitedRead MoreEssay about The Motion Picture Code of the Great Depression1206 Words   |  5 Pages The Motion Picture Code of the Great Depression During the times of the Great Depression, film was viewed as a valuable importance to people. Film during this time of distress contributed to the maintenance of the national morale of America. During this time Hollywood played a valuable part, getting over eighty million Americans to attend theaters, but soon it would become a lot harder as America continued living in the Great Depression. Everyone in America, even the most troubling of povertyRead MoreImpact of the Great Depression on Chile and Peru1399 Words   |  6 Pagesinauguration speech at the onset of the Great Depression, while also describing the melancholy and hopelessness that many citizens felt. This sentiment, however, was not just confined to the United States—the impact of the Wall Street Crash of 1929 had also reverberated throughout Latin America, and very few countries escaped the ensuing economic depression unscathed, including the Latin American nations of Chile and Peru. However, while the Great Depression adversely affected the economy and politicsRead MoreThe Global Effects of Imperialism, World War I and the Great Depression1424 Words   |  6 PagesThe Global Effects of Imperialism, World War I and the Great Depression Bentley first talked about cross-cultural interactions as a way to categorize the World’s history. He in addition wrote aboutRead MoreThe Great Depression : An Early World War II1351 Words   |  6 PagesDescribing a period of poverty and confusion, the late 1920’s can be described as being an early World War II. Leaving an era of excitement and entertainment, the great depression that hit The Unites States of America was a reflective shock. There were numerous reasons for the Great Depression, some of which incorporate The Great Crash of the stock exchange, absence of spending by the normal individual, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act and a gigantic dry spell in the Mississippi Valley. From this acrossRead MoreThe Great Depression : The Fall Of A Nation1701 Words   |  7 PagesCollin Brunton Ms. Biondi English II 3 March 2015 The Great Depression: The Fall of a Nation The Great Depression was a hard time for America. The name fits like a glove because it was, in fact a depression. The Great Depression was crucial to American history because it changed every aspect of American life, revealed how big a power America was, and it established multiple government agencies around the world to make sure something like it never happens again. The economy was at a highpoint

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Analysis and Evaluation of the Case Study †Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss about the Evaluation of the Case Study? Answer: Introduction This report outlines analysis and evaluation of the case study, which is based on the aircraft company No name which need to focus on the culture, diversity management, training and the performance of the employees in the company. The case study reveals that the company has a very poor culture and difficult for the company to manage the diversity at a workplace. The training and development of the employees incur a cost to the company. This report will explain the many theories and concepts related to the organizational HRM, culture, Diversity management, performance management and the training and development of the employees, The employee satisfaction in the aircraft company is very important for the growth as they are the one who are responsible for the successful implementation of the activities in the organization(Nationals specification in Aviation Operations, 2012). However, for the companies it is a very difficult task to retain its employees for the longer period of time. In this report, all the theories related to human resource and the concepts of the performance management are explained in detail. The purpose of this report is to critically evaluate the case study based on the No Name aircraft company. The company is not performing well in all the aspects because of the poor workforce planning. There are some of the suggestions are also given in this report for the successful growth of the organization. Organizational HRM The organizational HRM depicts the organizational culture of the No name Company and as we study in the case study, there was a communication gap between the superiors and juniors. The organizational culture involves the hierarchy of the employees from line managers to lower level employees(Yangon, 2016). The communication between these employees is very important to deliver the quality product to its customers. Employees are the most important source in an organization and it is very important to keep them happy because if they are happy they will work with more enthusiasm and produce better results. Line Managers in No Name aircraft company keep on searching for strategies by which they can create a congenial environment in an organization because a positive environment has a very positive impact on employees and the outcome is improved. As in the above diagram, it has been shown that the cultural environment should be stable, people and outcome oriented, innovative and team oriented. The culture of the workplace should be improved by the aircraft companies to keep the employees free from stress and to deliver the best quality to its customers. A happy environment at job should be created to maximize the output of employees. The line managers in the No name company should understand what will help the employees to give their best output(Patton, 2015). Job enlargement is the strategy to increase the duties of the employees . However, there may be a possibility that the employees start leaving the organization because of the workload and it is very significant to retain them for the longer period of time. The no craft aircraft company may suffer into losses, if the employees left the organization, as the company spend a lot of money on the training of these employees. Thus, there should be a proper balance between the job enlargement and the retention of the employees. It is important to delegate the desired authority as well with the responsibility of the work because it will be an easy task to take the decisions. Moreover, the authority should be limited so that the employees will not able to take benefits of that authority. It is very important that employees should inform the line managers of the No Name aircraft company about the decisions taken by them. This will result into the productivity of the organization. However , that balance is important between the delegation of the authority and the accountability. (Green, et al., 2002).HR planning of No Name company includes brand image, training and development and performance management etc. and this planning is very important for line managers in the aircraft company to add value to the growth of the No Name Diversity Program The case study is based on the Australian workforce planning. It is very important for the companies like No name aircraft to launch the diversity programs at their organization to deal with the issues and problems of the employees. Nowadays, the companies hired a personnel to handle the diversity program in the organizations and the companies have no problem in paying them more because these programs help with the productivity and the success of the aircraft companies. The companies focus on the talents and skills that the employees have without putting concern about their background and culture they came from. (European Union, 2014). The organizations like No Name aircraft companies believe in the fact that people coming from different places have the different ideas and strategies in their minds and the companies can make a proper utilization of their ideas. The different type of ideas and the innovative plans are helpful for the working of the organization. In the No name aircraft company also, there are the employees who came from the different places and work in the company for the betterment of the organization. It is very necessary to respect their ideas, thoughts, of the people coming from different places. The big companies need to ready with the new innovative ideas to build a good image in front of the public. The companies should promote the young talent that will come up with new ideas to deal with the problems at the workplace like the safety of the customers as well as the quality of material used in the aircrafts etc. The diversity at the workplace also helps to provide the best solutions for the d elivery of the quality services to the customers. Moreover, while introducing the diversity programs at the workplace, it creates many problems also. The biggest problem is the rising of the insecurities among the employees of the No name aircraft company and these are rising continuously. Looking into the previous times, there are the companies who will not give attention to its employees having different backgrounds and they usually ignore by the companies and the employees start thinking various negative things in their minds(US Department of Commerce, 2011). This will automatically down the level of the profits in the organization and the productivity level also. Generally, it has been seen that the black people are not treated with respect in many countries as the other people are treated. The behavior of the company towards the employees should strictly prohibited by the management laws. The aircraft companies should not need to do the discrimination on the basis of the place, caste, religion, age, and color. This type of discrimination in the organization should be eradicated from the companies for the smooth running of the business. The major discrimination that was doing in the organizations is the gender discrimination. The males and females in the aircraft company should be treated equally with more respect and dignity(Cornell University, 2011). This is a very common concept that the women are considered to be lower than the men and it is also assumed that the females are very bad at doing the own business. However, with the passage of time the women are working more efficiently and effectively in the organizations as compared to the males. While doing the comparison between the two people, results into the negative impact. The people working in the organization should also be clear about their roles and responsibilities and perform well for the successof the organization. These are the major problems which need to be eliminated as soon as possisible from the organization. Not only in Australia, but also from all over the world that discrimination should be eliminated as it has a very negative impact on the society. Apart of this, the discrimination also leads to the issues in the recruitment processes of the Aircraft companies and lowers down the success rate because of the dissatisfaction of the employees in the company. T o rise in the economy, it is very important to remove these problems from the society.(Winograd Mallett, 2008). International performance management Performance management means managing the performance of the employees. Every individual in the organization is required to be judged on the basis of performance and according to their performance the monetary or non-monetary awards should be given to the employees to motivate them and to build a long term relation with the employees.The no name aircraft company should also distribute the profits of the company among the workers for the successful working of the employees. The bonus is also distributed by many companies on the basis of the year, half year or quarterly depending upon the type of company. Performance management stands for the process with the help of which companies make sure that their employees are working properly towards the organizational goals and measure their performance(Boeing Frontiers, 2009). The employee appraisal is very important in every sector if their performance in the company is extraordinary. In this case study, the author categorized the performanc e management process into 3 parts such as planning, supporting and reviewing performance in aircraft company. Figure 1 Performance management process In the first phase of the process all the effects and consequences are considered to set the objectives at organizational as well as individual level in the quality care of the aircrafts. Secondly, all the employees need motivation to perform well in the aircraft company and they need some suggestions at this stage. The behavior of the employees needs to be correct to meet the expectations. Talking about the last stage by the author is the most important stage as it involves the effects review and feedback. The performance review ends with the evaluation of the previous effects of the performances of the employees in caring the quality of the aircrafts(Management, 1997). Looking forward to the future and to improve the management of aircraft services and it is very important to take care of all the factors that are associated with the customers. In this case study, author also state some of the improvements that are needed for the No name aircraft companyin coming years. Firstof all, it is very important to communicate with the customers and line managers to get some suggestions and make changes in the policies according to the customer requirement. Performance indicator like unnecessary medication, medication error, unnecessary diagnostic tests can lead to quality management of the aircraft companies because they help in finding out where the Aircraft system is doing unfair things and things that are not required by the customers. By making sure that no such unfair things are done or followed we can ensure quality management to customers who look forward to Aircraft companies. Only by keeping a check on these can we assure quality management on beha lf of the Aircraft company. Training and Development The training and development is necessary for the employees as in the case study, it is analyzed that No name company is very poor in workforce planning and giving training to the employees shifting to China and Vietnam organizations for the work in the company. The training to the employees of the organization involves the guidance and the procedure to work in the organization and focus on how to increase the profits of the No Name. The training is not for the particular age group, this is for all the employees working in No name company either old age or younger one. From the case study, it is clear that the older employees are not able to handle the new techniques as Aircraft company has taken a new image and cabin crew needs to be very proficient in technical as well professional things(Noe, 2011). In Last, Training of employees helps to give better results. The career plans of the employees in the company should be clear to them so that they will survive in the companies for the longer period of time. The career development is very important for the employees working in the Australian Aircraft company.The training o the employees helps them to enhance their knowledge as well as skills. The expert person should be hired for the training purposes and it is the duty of the expert professionals to clear all the doubts of the employees. As it is clear from the case study that there are many employees who shifted to work in China and Vietnam , so their training is must perform well in the other countries(Nfila, 2005). Recommendations In the above report, its clear that the aircraft company should take some remedial steps as the company is not doing well in the management and planning of the organizations. The growth of the company depends on the proper planning and its management. The company should take care of the needs and the expectations of the employees from the company. Some of the suggestions and recommendations after the analysis of the case study for the No Name aircraft company is as below- The company should build a strong organizational structure to improve the communication between the line managers and its employees(Marquis, 2012). It is suggested that the company should focus on the performances of the employees and offer them rewards as per the performance. It is also recommended for the NoName aircraft company to build a strong environment for offering the training and development procedures to overcome the shortcoming of the employees The unfair practices if found in the organization, then the line managers should take a hard step to eliminate these things. The comparison of the actual results and the anticipated results should be done to identify the level of the performance of the employees and then the monetary or non monetary rewards should be offer to them accordingly. Diversity at workplace needs full attention of the organization and the company should eliminate the discrimination by creating some rules and regulations for all the employees and treat every individual in the organization equally. Conclusion It is concluded from the above that the No name aircraft company is facing many issues related to the Human resource management, performance management and the diversity management at the organization. The company should need to improve all the management policies as well as workforce planning to perform well and to deliver the best quality to the customers. The safety in the aircraft companies is the major issue and the safety of the customers as well as for the employees is must.In this report, all the theories and the concepts of the human resource management are discussed in this report. The line managers in the Aircraft are the one who is accountable to manage the team and should manage all the tasks and programs in the company. The managers are the one who will be responsible for all the planning activities to handle the situations. This can be done by doing surveys and analyzing the results by comparing the actual results with the forecasted results. The managers should apply the strategies and implement some plans to remove the problems from the workplace and to get better results. The training is must to adapt the people coming from different places. References Boeing Frontiers, 2009. 20 tips to boost your performance, Available at: Cornell University, 2011. 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